Wife Shared With Strangers

As you can see from her pic my wife has very large, beautiful and sensitive t*ts.  She loves having them fondled especially by strange men.  One night at a club a guy we had invited over had her t*ts completely out and was fondling them in front of everyone.  I remarked I would like to see a guy or two *** her.  She seemed startled but when our new friend said he would be glad to do that and had a friend who could *** her too she seemed excited.  I got his email and later that week arranged for it to happen.  He and his friend were going to meet us at the club the following fri night.  When we arrived the night began with all of us dancing with her and gradually rubbing all over her as we had a few drinks.  Finally during a break, I said we should take her home and **** her.  She began to protest but I told the guy beside her to stick his finger up her and shut her up.  She never wears underclothes and in her short mini he did what I asked before she had a chance to say anything.  She was startled but obviously enjoying having a finger up her in public and did indeed shut up.  I said good, lets take her home.  I made her get in the back in etween the two of them as I drove.  Before we got out of the parking lot both t*ts were totally out and a guy was sucking each nipple.  I laughed and said they weren't much of a man if each of them hadn't *** in her before we got home.  Instantly she was shoved down, one mounted and began fuking her while the other had his dk in her mouth.  As sson as the first came the second took his place and did her too.  She sucked each of them as we got home and thn the fun began.  Needless to say, they stayed all weekend and who knows how many times we all had her. 

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4 Responses Mar 3, 2010

I would love a weekend like that with my wife

shes a keeper

I wish my wife would do it for me. We have talked about it many times.

How about some photos of the next mfm ?-she looks gorgeous,by the way!