Fantasy #1


I wake up from a deep sleep. I can't see anything and I can't  move - straps round my wrists, ankles and waist restrain me. I feel a weight heavy on my chest. 
A voice, female but robotic tells me not to struggle as the straps are merely a safety precaution. 
I lie still and wait. 
The voice tells me that I may experience some confusion and that I shouldn't panic. 
The straps release. 
I sit up and remove my blindfold. The stark lighting hurts my eyes. Opposite me a naked blonde girl with big breasts sits looking at me. 
We stand up simultaneously. I overbalance and totter forward. So does she. I wave my right hand. She waves her left. 
Like a mirror image....
I look down. I have big breasts and long blonde hair.  My **** has gone.
I've been turned into a woman!
Why?  By who?
The door opens... A doctor enters 
"welcome to your new life as a woman Lexie."
xxlexiexx xxlexiexx
3 Responses May 18, 2012

Fabulous sweetie<br />
Hugs<br />

I would so love if that happened to me It would be a dream come true

please tell me more love your fantasy what man would not love it