From Ultra-masculine Bodybuilder To Lactating Cuckold

First I was a bodybuilder. Who know what feeds the growth of extreme muscularity. A compensation perhaps for sexual deviance or perversion?

I was otherwise a feminine man. I alway knew  I  was  compensating for my huge size by extreme niceness. I got along well with women. I also loved them sexually.

I am married. My wife - Petra - is my dominatrix now, but it wasn't like that for quite a while.  It was normal and joyous and intense for a decade. Then it changed.

How did it start? On a crazy whim I suggested to her that I would like to see one of my friends **** her. I felt it would be very exciting. Surprisingly she took me up on it. We had done some adventurous things, but this was really new for us. She wanted Ronnie! Ronnie was a workout buddy of mine, who was really the only guy in the gym who was bigger and stronger than me. I knew he was a horny guy and would agree. I was excited when I asked him and he agreed.  He knew how hot Petra was!

I sat and watched them ****. It was an amazing turn on. Petra is a beautiful woman, and Ronnie a world class hunk of man. Seeing his mouth on her ****, or her mouth on his **** was unbearably delicious. I wanted so to join in, but my wife said that I was a little ***** and had to watch....

I felt so humiliated and yet so comforted....

then she said - if you lick Ronnie's *** out of my ****, and then put on a bra and *** soaked panties you can join. Even more humiliated and more in touch with my real nature.

I have a sports bra that will fit you, perhaps somewhat tightly with those big ***-pecs of yours. I joined the fray and in the swirl I found my tongue in Ronnie's mouth.

Things went really crazy from there. Ultimately I found my mouth near Ronnie's **** and I licked it. Even more ultimately he ****** me in the ***. You can connect the dots. And then Petra brought out a ***** that I had never seen and she ****** me in the ***.

That was just the beginning.... If you like my story I'll tell more of how I have now made the full shemale transformation
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the next step in my transformation from virile male to lactating shemale

So after the night Ronnie came over, things seemed "normal for awhile."

Until, I couldn't resist putting the panties and bra on again, and wearing them for Petra.

To say the least she approved. I was soon to learn that Petra and Ronnie were seeing each other. That night, she got her ***** out again and ****** me, so deeply and profoundly that I cried like a baby.

She started working out with us much more than ever before.

I started wearing feminine underwear at home most of the time. I loved buying some of my own underwear, and then dresses, and then high heeled shoes and then stockings....

More and more I became her little *****

more later... if you want!

pretty soon Petra and Ronnie made no attempt to hide their relationship from me, but blessedly they were happy to humiliate and sissify me. They spoke openly about what a nice little girl I was and how beautiful a woman they would make me. I rarely got a good erection, and Petra joked how much bigger Ronnie's **** was than mine ever was.

Petra gave me pills and a patch to wear. She also took over for me at work completely. She really was always better at running things. I was to stay home and work on my transformation. I had no choice. I wasn't a man anymore, but I got pleasure obeying my wife and I got pleasure from being ****** in the ***.

Pretty soon I thought only of being ****** in the ***. First I wold take Ronnie's **** as best I could into my mouth and throat, and then he would **** me in the ***.

At night Ronnie and Petra pretty much ignored me, except she wanted me to lick Ronnie's *** from her ****, but in the morning, Ronnie's morning woodie would tickle my rosebud, and he would gently insert it until int popped in and slithered deeply into me. Ronnie said that my **** was tighter but deeper than Petra's.

Petra learned that nipple stimulation would enhance my breast growth, and she started a program of regular suckling, nipple clamps, pumping. She also learned that the hormones of breast stimulation would change my mind, making me more feminine. Indeed it felt like my whole previous life was being washed away by a torrent of hormonal changes.

More to come