"unwanted" sex change

I fantasize sometimes that my (future) mommy humiliates me by dating another man when I'm dressed up as a little girl. When strapped down in my crib I have to watch how this man does it with my mommy.

After some weeks the man comes to live in the house and I have to be dressed up 24/7 as a little girl. Not long after that mommy adds a sleeping medicine in my bottle and keep me asleep with sleeping medicines till I wake up in a hospital realizing they have done a sex change on me so I will be a real little girl forever.

Kadya Kadya
2 Responses Feb 15, 2010

That is an ultimate fantasy of mine. That I get kidnapped by some women or shemales, wake up months later with a fully femmed body, breasts, hips, shapely ***, piercings, facial and vocal chord surgery, and that they have left me as a shemale, and that soon I would have the full surgery.

I fantize that my mummy secretly gives me female hormones mixed in with my feeds. I DONT REALISE TILL I START SPROUTING BREASTS by then she tells me the process is irreverseable so i go the full way to asex change yours hoping pampywampy