An Ode To Joy

I am submitting this story as a result of a request from my good EP friend, BlackBarbie, who is married to a white man and loves white men!  I thought that was really cool, and so reverse of what you hear of white women always chasing after black men.  So I told her about our family friend Joy, a black woman who I found myself sexually interested in.  BB asked me to write up my story, and this, finally,  is the result.

Our son Matthew is on the autism spectrum, and each year, he gets invited to birthday parties for one of his classmates (James). James' mom, Joy, is a bubbly black woman with a beautiful, friendly personality. Her story is tragic, as James' dad died suddenly and unexpectedly (forgive me, I don't remember the cause of death - it was very freaky and rare, suffice it to say). So sadly, Joy is a young (40-something) widow.

Joy always has the party at her house, and always has her extended family over to celebrate James' big day. She has a really nice family, and I recall an awesome sister not that far from our age. The first time we were invited, we clicked right away, between humor and a positive attitude. Joy made several comments to my wife about how lucky she was to have a husband like me. Of course, my wife would never acknowledge the truth of this, and I think she secretly put her red flag up about Joy over this, as Joy was interested in exercising with my wife at one point and my wife never offered to follow it up.  We even joked flirtatiously about her sharing me with Joy. (Mostly Joy and myself LOL). You see, wifey almost never appreciates my sense of humor. So I found myself fantasizing about this beautiful black woman, and how much nicer it would be to be with her than with the miserable white woman I am married to. Of course it has never happened.... But I would have loved for it to! She only lives less than a mile from us!

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What you waiting for baby?

Wow... attended the party last summer. She wasn't all that sweet to me. Guess that ship has sailed! ;-)

naughty ;)

Yessssss. :-)

I love it:)
I'll second Blackbarbies comments as well!!!

Thank you!!! You have no idea how many times I was told not to come home, and would ponder going over to this woman's house, and wonder what it would be like to lie in bed with her.... ;-)

Sounds like Joy may be interested....

Well yeah, initially. I think she might have been feeling my wife out for how open she might be??? Which was not at all! :-(

Yes! Finally you have posted the story I have requested for so long. Look, I still say you should go for it. Joy seems like a wonderful lady and apparently appreciates your sense of humor and fun. I think your wife put up the red flag, because she senses another woman trying to take her man....typical. It must be hard bottling these feelings and living less than a mile from her. Oh....Id hit, and Id hit it hard, baby! ;)

Wish it was that easy, Barbie! I really do... I fantasized about doing her over there in her bedroom on a night that wifey "kicked me out of the house", but I was never really able to establish enough confidence that Joy would do that... Mmmmm at the thought! lol

Well, like I tell everyone...dont spend your life wondering and daydreaming and act on it. All Joy can say is "no" if she doesnt want to do that. Just the sound of it though says she more than likely would jump your bones if given the chance. Trust black girls know what we want, but she may need some reassurance from you that its ok to make that move.

So true, honey! Maybe some evening when I get 'sent away', I should just call her and ask her if I could hang out with her until it passed?

Thats a start. Who knows what the possibilities are. Knowing might just start an argument witht he wifey just to get kicked out. LOL!

Oh I just might! ;-)

You know me so well already! LOL

Hahahha! Yes, I do baby! I am so excited for you! I really hope it works out! :)

Thanks! Maybe someday there will be an update here! ;-)

Im hoping sooner than later. It would be an honor to meet you someday!

Hey, that truly would be!!! I'll leave wifey home though! ;-) You can bring hubby though....

Hahahha! Yes, please leave the wifey at home. You would love my hubby he is awesome and who knows....maybe the three of us could have a little fun! ;)

*****DEEP BREATHS***** lol

LOL! :) Would you like that?

Ohhhh yeah baby! Two white men and a black babe... We could be the first reverse oreo ********* ever documented!!! ;-)

Bahahha! I hate to burst the buble, but apparently you dont watch too much ****. That document was busted a long time ago...even the **** has been documented. My hubby and I watched a black woman do a group of 8 white men. Very interesting. LOL!~ The three of us could have a good time though!

Exactly. I don't watch much ****, no. But I was very joking when I said that. There ain't much new under the sun on this earth right? People have been doing other kinds of people forever, even when it was socially unacceptable and they had to deny it! ;-)

I knew you were joking. I was, as well. :)

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