Make Your Wants Hurt

"I'm not a prude", I'm just holding back...if he only knew how much I craved those heavy hands on me... i thought to myself, just look at them!! So wide, veiny...the knuckles showing the size of his bones. Damnit it. There is an arguement in the works... in my head. I wanted to be yours entirely... there was just one problem. I need more...

"Then why wont you look at me?", if he only knew I saw enough. Enough to know how much of a sex addict I was. I was ashamed, I was human but I felt like an animal.

He was talking sex talk. My favorite subject. Yet with him is a whole other ballgame. I wanted to jump at him yet I fantasized (while sitting neck to me)
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Trust and caring are part of what makes for a loving, controlling, sexually violent and caring relationship. Do you want an abusive male, or just someone who will give you the discipline and erotic pain that you desire?

The answer is B

That's good to know. (Good for you to know most of all.) I've met too many women who don't know how to draw that line between caring DS and just plain abuse.

To misquote Stallone (of all people) from Demolition Man. "Hurting someone is bad...well, sometimes its good."

Seriously though, if you're looking for a release and someone who will take you just a little past your limits and safety, there's nothing wrong with finding someone who fulfills the other needs in your life and letting them know what you need sexually and emotionally. Someone who cares about you in other ways will be willing to take you to your limits as well. It'll probably end up being a release for both of you, emotionally and sexually. And someone who cares for you will be willing to stop when either of you need him to.

(I dated a girl for a while who was into pretty serious BDSM as a sub. She refused to use any safewords. She wanted me to go as far as I wanted AND wanted me to be able to know, from her emotional and physical reactions, when it was too far. You can only do that with someone you care for, but it does make things better and tightens the emotional connection.

Besides, safe words are hard to use when her mouth is full. ;) )

Haha! Call me some time...

Sex and power, hand in hand.

A little pain can never go wrong, as long as there's the trust. You give the power to be destroyed yet you trust he won't.

"I've already told you: the only way to a woman's heart is along the path of torment. I know none other as sure."

-Marquis de Sade.


That's an awesome answer too!