I Love When A Hot Woman Farts In Tight Jeans And Makes Her Butt Stinks

I love to hear a hot woman fart in tight jeans it is so sexy especially if they are wearing lee or levi jeans. I had one girl sit on my face and fart she was wearing tight lee jeans i loved her stinky ***, and i hope to find girl like that one day. and my farts are always super loud and nasty id love to have a hot gf that had really gross farts.

Loveswomenthatfartinjeans21m Loveswomenthatfartinjeans21m
18-21, M
5 Responses Oct 15, 2010

Once in college my girlfriend came ******** completely and then fart for one hour
She has a huge bum

anybody that wants to sit on my face can

id love to have a woman sit on my face and fart but only the sexy skinny women with big breasts an a nice a**

that makes two of us, lol

mhh that is hot