Been Farting On People's Faces Since 2010

So I was like 15 when i first farted on someones face xD i was having a sleepover with two of my friends and one of them was still sleeping. So I didn't know how to prank her, so i just let one rip on her face :)
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Add me to ur circle i can't add you

Add me?

Well u kan fart on my face n da mornin Ilike to sleep N lol

add me

Oh that's awesome. How often do you do it to people?

Why can't I add to circle?

Nice story amazing!


Haha I predict that during these 2 years you became a professional face farter :P lol
You often mention in your stories about farting in girls faces... Have you ever done that to a guy also? :D

all the time haha

How do they usually react? ;)

Lmao nice anymore stories?

i got a ton yo i fart on my roommate all the time hahah

Haha how bad does your gas get?

oh trust me its unbearable i once made my sister leave her room for an hour cuz it smelled so bad haha

Haha pretty funny, nothing better then a girl who loves to fart :P

A whole hour? Did it really smell that bad? Ever made anyone smell a fart that bad?

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Lol that's great so your a gassy girl I take it?

at times lol

Haha I guess the next question is do you enjoy farting on people lmao

its funny as hell so yeah hahahaa

Hahahaha I think it's funny too kinda sexy so if you were farted on you would laugh and not be disgusted

i would laugh but be kinda pissed so i would get revenge >:)

Lmao very cool so I was trying to add you to my circle but it won't let me you mind adding me?? Don't feel obligated you just seem pretty cool

i just did lol ill brb i gotta take a dump xD

Lmao ok have fun

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