Hi I'm Tati

I'm 14, maybe I've got a strange fetish. I like ripping farts, really. I like it sitting on a hard ground (mostly a floor) cross-legged and trying to distend my farts so it vibrates my vagina. I always try to interrupt (stop and go, stop and go, and so on) very long farts to make this flapping feeling more intensively. Sometimes it reaches for about 10 to 20 sec. I've been doing this since I was 9. Especially when I have come home after a long day moving around, so I'm sweaty between my legs and I don't have to press too hard, it comes just ripping out loudly. Especially for my "weekend sessions" I take very gassy-making food, mostly successfully. I then fart continuously. That's the reason why it just can be really at weekends or longer holidays. After taking a dump I wipe carelessly so after a view hours my anus got this sweaty-smelly scent I like. On some free days I stay unwashed for about 2 days keeping my sweaty smell. During farting I imagine my dirty hole ripping out these wonderful bassy farts.I am completely shaved off, so I can't fart noiseless, because of the wet vacuum between my legs. It's impossible to fart in public (I'd be heard by everyone), but the better I'm alone, then I can just let it off. I've got a video on youtube of me farting. My channel is Tati Oliveira.
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3 Responses Dec 7, 2012

I like u like to fart

I would marry you. Then smell you all day!

fart in my face all day;)