When I Was In 5th Grade, Lol

I was in 5th grade, taking a math test... just after lunch I believe, LOL

The room was quiet, the pressure was building.  I was fidgeting in my seat trying to restrain myself.  I did not want to ask to go to the bathroom in the middle of a test. 

Then it happened... reverberating off of the hard school desk chairs.


EVERYONE BUSTED OUT LAUGHING!  I don't know if everyone or anyone knew who did it, but I did, LOL 


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3 Responses Jan 7, 2009

Haha! I was always glad that never happened to me in school! I would have been so mortified! A couple of years after I got out of school, though, I was at this coffee shop in this hip part of town upstairs with all these cool seeming people. Everyone was on their laptops or reading, so it was very quiet up there. I was standing looking at some art on the wall, and when I arched forward to examine a part of it, I accidentally farted semi-loud! I was sooo embarrassed! Haha!

He he:)

Haha... in the not so distant future perhaps, like tonight after dinner when I am chatting with you, LOL