I was at a friends house and we all had just decided to get into our pajamas mine are some old shorts with holes and a tank top we were all at the dinner table eating and the food didnt agree right away and i had to go to the bathroom i sat and talked for a long time before my tummy made a really loud bubbly gurgling noise i started to get restless and move the gas to different areas finally we left the table i still tried to hold out so i didnt have to blow up her bathroom as a guest finally i got up to go pee and as i was walking i let out a really loud fart i looked back in a hurry and blushed...you'll hav to ask the rest =p
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Aw what a shame, I've had a few of those happen. At least it was with friends.

What was the rest? xx

ohh mann i wanna know the resst!!!

Consider yourself asked.

I'd love to know the rest.

I tried to ask but it won't let me message you please add me sweetie so we can talk

Are your farts stinky? :)

I'll ask the rest, Message me?

Message me I want to know all of the story

Whew, sounds like you had a blast xD

message me =p

Will do ;3