Are Parents Or The Advertising Industry To Blame For Consumerism In Children

Are parents or the advertising industry to blame for consumerism in children

Advertisers are more to blame for consumerism in children for sure. Just flip through any TV station on Saturday mornings or tune into Qubo channel. Toy after toy add comes on and worse yet, they repeat! My Best Fish Friend, Wuggle Pets, Fushigi, pretty soon your child is brainwashed into wanting some toy that isn't practical, isn't going to last and likely, one they don't even need.

This leads The North Face Hedgehog III Gtx Xcr Hiking Shoes Men's Black the question of, "What's a parent to north face canada do, Should we limit their TV? Change the channel? Pop in a movie instead? Now especially that the holidays are coming the advertisers are pulling out all the stops to draw children to their ultimately frivolous and space consuming product. It could be the very thing your child wants most- how are we to deny them that?

Prevention! Netflix is a great way to keep kids from viewing silly commercials. I notice just watching a bit of Qubo channel that my four year old son was asking me for a Wuggle Pet. If he hadn't been watching the station he wouldn't have seen the commercial nor asked for it.

The true issue is not that commercials are on stations with kid shows. The issue is that the ads repeat over and over again creating a brainwash scenario. This certainly cannot be an accident. If ads were shown in a fair fashion throughout the day it would not become a problem, nor so annoying. Kids would have a better range and selection of what type of toy they might like to have and would be able to make a better choice for birthday or holiday wish lists.

The other issue is the ads themselves. They are loud! They also have some insanely fast and busy jingle North Face Jackets For Men and are rather obnoxious. Add to that some flashy, silly graphics and the kids are hooked. They are in essence advertising a lame product but are covering it with smoke and mirrors, trapping kids and parents.

Advertisers should be limited in how many times a day they can air a particular commercial. They should have to keep it below a certain level of decibels. The commercial should not sound louder than the TV show. More variety of commercials should be aired. Parents should not have to keep their kids in a bubble to prevent brainwashing. Why, just yesterday on the news there was a story about a twelve year-old driving a ****** to the mall with a ten and seven year-old in tow. Its true! The twelve year-old has a job, a license, a few credit cards, and all other things necessary to be an independent consumer-Oh, sorry, that was a bizarre dream. Now for a look into reality.

Swimming deeper and deeper into an infinite pool of consumer debt are American adults. How can people teach their own children to be financially responsible when the spending habits of their parents are contrary to what is being taught? The folks children should be looking up to when it comes to learning how to be financially wise, their parents, are falling short of being ideal role models. The comedic genius, George Carlin, could not have said it better, " That's all your house is, a place to keep stuff while you go out and get more stuff, Looking around the homes in our country, surely we can see some truth in Mr. Carlin's statement. Blame advertisers, television shows and movies, and friends of children, but the brunt of the blame ultimately lies on the shoulders of the parents and their never-ending quest to have more "stuff,

The reason we see consumerism in children is because their parents are the main consumers of unnecessary, but much sought after belongings. It is not uncommon for a person who as a television, or other electronic goody, that works perfectly well, to run to the mall and buy the latest and greatest television set. After all, there was nothing like watching a movie on the big screen, high definition, surround-sound television at the Greens the other night. Some may feel ashamed of inviting another person into their home when they do not have such an awe inspiring setup and feel the need to run out and acquire the same-on a credit card. Credit cards are great for times of emergency but to use them solely for obtaining more "stuff" is not responsible and especially if one cannot pay it off within a reasonable amount of time. Numerous parents will spend money they don't have, to get what they don't need, just to impress others. More often than not, this a result of how people have allowed society to make them feel, "I am not of value, unless I have what others have, It should not be surprising that children, of parents who have succumbed to societal pressure, exhibit the same behavior.

"Mom and Dad, can I please have a new cellphone? Mine works fine but my friends have one with voice command and I would like one too, You could use other assets in that scenario. North Face Jackets How can one teach and stress to their children not to cave to their peers when they are guilty of doing so? Society is not, however, the only reason one tends to spend foolishly.

Many adults are swayed towards irresponsible spending choices just because they assume something will make their life more convenient. "The Super-Dee-Duper Vegetable Chopper is on sale for just $19.95? Oh, I simply must have it because I will definitely be able to feed my family healthier meals without being a slave to the kitchen. Gone will be the days in which hours are spent (more like minutes) cutting up vegetables. Never again will I buy canned foods, Off to phone or Internet they go with a credit card in hand, like a moth to the flame, because some folks cannot resist buying anything that would seemingly make life a little bit easier. A few days later, as promised, the Super-Dee-Duper Vegetable Chopper arrives. It is used with an almost ferocious tenacity for the first few days or weeks and then it eventually ends up sitting in a kitchen cabinet and rarely sees the light of day. Why? Because it is does not work as seen on the infomercial, nor is it easy to clean, or maybe it is a pain in the rear to take apart and put back together again. It is still easier to just buy a can of vegetables or spend a few cheap north face extra dollars in the produce department on precut vegetables. Now this poor soul is left paying for an item that never gets used with a hefty interest rate to boot.

If a parent falls for marketing ploys and gimmicks, chances are so shall their children. "Mom and Dad, may I please, with sugar on top, have the Ultimate Braid Maker? It's only $19.95! If you buy one, it will make braiding my hair a snap while getting ready for school in the morning, Even though the Ultimate Braid Maker will rarely get used, or even more likely, will not work properly, the $19.95 is forked out because a credit card is available

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