Common Questions You Should Know When Buying Pepper Spray

Common Questions You Should Know When Buying Pepper Spray

The buying pepper spray is often a complicated process. With over 250 kinds, how is one supposed to make the best decision to protect themselves and their family? Should you buy the cheap one, the most expensive one? Should I buy it online or at the hardware store? Stream or fog pattern?

Over the years, we have been asked Hund

Reds if not thousands of questions regarding everything imaginable regarding defense spray. Our intention is to describe a few North Face Jacket Sale of the most common (and important) questions and their answers so you can feel more comfortable when buying pepper spray.

There are many ways that defense spray manufacturers measure the strength of OC spray. Some use different metrics to suit their formula the best. The two most common methods are OC% and Scoville Heat Units (SHU).

We always recommend using the SHU rating as it cannot be manipulated like North Face Gore Tex Windstopper Jackets Men Black the OC% can. OC% simply measures the percentage of OC formula compared with the total volume of the canister. You may have seen 10% or 18% OC marketed by certain manufacturers. Because all pepper spray resin is not created equal, someone's 2% OC may be substantially stronger than someone's 18% OC. The manufacturers who use a higher OC content, but low grade quality resin will always promote the percentage of OC as it makes their formula look stronger than it really is. In the end, it the north face canada boils down to the quality of the resin used as this has a direct impact on the heat as well as the reaction time for an assailant to feel the effects.

If the defense spray is low quality, not only will it not be hot, but it may take an extra 2-3 seconds for North Face Outlet its effects to take place. This is why we believe that SHU rating is the most important indicator of the strength of pepper spray. SHU's range from 2 million to 5.3 Million. We always recommend asking the retailer the SHU rating before making a purchase.

Humans react differently to pepper spray than dogs do because the tear ducts of dogs are simply different than humans. As a result, the defense spray that North Face Shoes you may use on a predator may not be effective on man's best friend

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