Does Training Change Behavior


We have often asserted that neither assessment by itself nor training by itself has the potential to produce the kind of benefits expected and desired by organizations. Jack Zenger, Joe Folkman and Robert Sherwin, "The Promise of Phase 3, T (January 2005), pp. 30-34.

How big is this problem? "There is a growing recognition of a 'transfer problem' in organizational training today. It is estimated that while American industries annually spend up to $100 billion on training and development, not more than 10% of these expenditures actually result in transfer to the job, - Timothy T. Baldwin and Kevin J. Ford, "Transfer of Training: A Review and Directions for Future Research, Personnel Psychology 41 (May 1982), pp. 63-105.

Ten years later: "Considering all types of training and low levels of transfer found by HRD researchers, a generous assumption is that perhaps 50% of all training content is still being applied a year after training delivery. Considering our rough estimate of $50 billion spent on formal training per year, that means a loss of $25 billion a year to organizations for training not fully used on the job, - Mary L. Broad and John W. Newstrom, Transfer of Training, (New York: Addison-Wesley, 1992), p. 12.

This issue is not new. - James N. Mosel, "Why Training Programs Fail to Carry Over, Personnel 34 (1957), pp. 56-64.

One study surveyed trainers to identify and rank order the most serious barriers to transfer. - John W. Newstrom, "The Management of Unlearning: Exploding the 'Clean Slate' Fallacy, Training North Face Jackets and Development Journal (August 1983), pp. 36-39.

This study concluded that any form of follow-up is rare: L. M. Saari, T. R. Johnson, S. D. McLaughlin, and D. M. Companies, Personnel Psychology 41 (April 1988), pp. 731-743.

"Training can only elaborate on that which already exists; it cannot create new behavior for an environment that will not support it, - Alex Mironoff, "Teaching Johnny to North Face Apex Bionic Womens Black Jacket Manage, Training (March 1988), p. 53.

"To ensure that a training intervention for managers produces the payoff North Face Jacket Sale that is intended, strategies to transfer the learning must be carefully integrated into the instructional game plan, - Michael J. Kruger and Gregory D. May, "Transfer of Learning in Management Training: Building the Payoff into the Instructional Design, Performance and Instruction Journal (April 1986), pp. 3-6.

"A clearly defined system should be initiated which unites the trainer, trainee, and North Face Outlet the manager, where possible in the transfer process, - Melissa S. Leifer and John W. Newstrom, "Solving the Transfer of Training Problems, Training and Development Journal (August 1980), pp. 42-46.

What Train-to-Ingrain adds to this ongoing dialogue is an answer to this question: Why is it that training, by itself, is not enough to change behavior? The answer has to do with how learning actually happens in the brain. This understanding leads to the inevitable conclusion that to develop or improve a discounted north face skill-especially a complex leadership skill-an extended period of reinforcement is needed to ingrain the new behavior patterns

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