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Although its a little chillier here. the air is much fresher. I can also flush my toilet paper down the toilet which is nice. but then again 32 oranges North Face Clearance no longer cost a dollar. Always pros and cons. But. It was a great adventure. and its also great to be home.

I want to fill you in quickly on the last part of my trip. we travelled to a place called Laguna Quilatoa, a crater lake. which I still am unsure. crater lake: a crater from space (which sounds rediculous, but is possible), or a crater. as in at the top of a volcano. Either or: crater lake. Ill show you a picture after of what we saw. One little shack. and clouds. Very promising. Just as we got off the bus, it started to terenchal downpour. thankfully it was only a five minute walk to a hostel. That afternoon we walked down to the lake. and then back up. saw a rediculously beautiful sunset. discounted north face and then the next day we walked around the lake! The hike was incredible we could watch the clouds creep into the lake, over the mountains like fingers. sometimes I felt like we were at the edge of the world. because all you could see were clouds. Do you remember that song. Johnny Johnny Whoop Johnny Whoop Johnny Johnny Johnny Johnny? I felt like God was singing that when he was creating the mountains around the lake! We were pretty pumped because they said that if your it will take you 5 hours. its took us 4 hours 43 minutes. which also, might I add, I guessed it would take us 4:45. so I was especially pumped. 2 minutes off. not bad I say!Ill post some pictures and then write you more!Love always,Jonna

My mom emailed me and said she wants to know more about the markets, and what we do with the kids! In a nut shell, this is it!1. Pick the kids up from their moms at the market2. Before playing, all the kids have to wash their hands and face3. We have building blocks, books and puzzles for the kids, as well as soccer and skipping depending The North Face on which market we are at. On Tuesdays, we are in a parking lot, so its kind of dangerous to do those things there.4. Then we sing! Ill attatch a video of one of the kids favorite North Face Jackets songs!5. Then we split into differnt age groups, so the kids can learn at their level. -Ages 1-3 practice moving their arms, sharing, practicing basic words, practicing motor skills. -Ages 4-6 North Face 700 Fill Down Jacket Women Rose (the age group I love to work with!) always have a differnt animal: this week is the horse: so they will ask what colour is it, how many legs does it have, where is its head at the back or front, where does it live. etc. This weeks activity was practicing the number 3: the kids use their their thumb and index finger, to rip little peices of paper, and glue it on the 3. Then they will practice tracing circles, and coloring. -I havent ever worked with the other age groups: 7-10 and 11-12. they practice writing more complicated senteces, spelling. in the oldest age group they talk about the changes of the body in puberty, and respecting each others bodies. -Some kids arent in school yet, and so we are preparing them, and teaching them the skills they need to know in order to get accepted into kindergarten (there is a test they must pass, and if they dont they will go to summer school (which costs money, and so some familes will say is stupid. there麓s no point. But, with other kids, they are in school and we want them to be successful there! So, they bring homework to do, which we will help them with.4. Then we pack up, and bring the kids back to their mom!

my dad hits my mom and my mom hits me. are so difficult to break. Violence for him is a necessity, and is an everyday occurance. He hits kids, and they learn that they too, need to defend themselves. UBECI works alongside the families of the kids, and checks up on how things are at home, and they encourage positive values, but I think that only Jesus can change hearts that are so full of anger.

Pray for Miguel and his family: that the Holy Spirit will direct them to another Way. And that families will be receptive to the values we teach.

love always,


I hope you all had a great weekend. my sister was bragging it was warm today. Ecuador actually really makes me appreciate the sun because today for instance I was on my roof reading in a sleeping bag, and I was so pumped when the super strong sun came out in the afternoon!

Saturday was sadly my roommate last day in Ecuador, and so we ventured up to the North end of Quito to the Equator (se llama Mitad Del Mundo)! We went to a really cool experimental museum: balancing an egg on nail, walking on the line and feeling the magnetic pull of both hemispheres, the coolest was when they would drain water in a sink on the line and the water would go straight down. and then do it again on the northern and southern hemispheres (just a few feet off the line) and it would spiral down in an opposite way each side!

And today I went to visit mis amigos (Jessica-7 y Fernando-11) at the San Fransico square! I found them at the same bench they were at last time, their mom working away shining shoes. Only Jessica was there at first and she ran and gave me a big hug! I ended up hanging out with them for five hours or so. I brought a few supplies: some coloring books, crayons, chalk, embroidery thread for bracelets, and enough energy to play tag for atleast a half hour! Jessica asked me: are you going to. come back tomorrow? I hope Im able to see them before I go. I just have to make sure I do!

it was kind of hard with Holly going, I really got into the mindset of but I really excited for these last two weeks: I starting to really get to know the kids at each market, and playing with my favorites! I know I technically not supposed to have favorites but I do!

And I working on a list of things I learned during my time: so that up and coming folks.

Though our temptation is to designate relating to people who are poor as being something special we do outside of our job, Jesus had a whole other plan.

Who's to say the Samaritan who aided a bloody mugging victim wasn't on his way to Starbucks to discuss a possible business merger? And how do we know the one Jesus praises for visiting prisoners wasn't a manager at the Burger King where the prisoner was employed? There's simply no good reason to assume we shouldn't be engaging with the poor-materially and otherwise-where we work. It may take a little creativity, but it's worth the effort.

Ahem: meeting my friend in outside San Fransico Church. of course I was late, and while she was waiting for me, she bought some shiner shoe kids a meal, and so they were kind of hanging around us while we were talking. and we ended up playing with them for atleast 45 minutes. running around the fountain in the sqaure, laughing and screaming and pretending we were in some sort of fight with magical powers. it waaas a blast! Unfortunately my friend I was with, her name is Brittany, she left for the States on Wednesday, which they were super distraught about. But I promised them I would visit them this weekend, and thats pretty much it. Im just super excited to hang out with them

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