My Fasting...

I fast for a variety of reasons and primarily 3 ways.

The three ways I focus on are the Master Cleanse monofast, a variation of this with bentonite clay and parasite cleansers, or just plain water fasting.

I fast a few times a year, mainly depending on how my body and mind are feeling.  My longest monofast (MC, as mentioned above) has been 14 days.  My longest water fast has been 10 days.  I have yet to do a long fast.

I've a few motivations for fasting, which one(s) applies depends on that course of fasting.

I first tried fasting on an experimental basis.  I'd heard wonders but am a skeptic by nature, I figured I'd give it a try on the basis of my body being my own personal laboratory.  It was a 7 day fast and I was amazed at how much better I felt during the last day or two and how that feeling lasted afterwards.

Since that first time I've found what works for me, what gives what results for me, what to expect during it, and to never be surprised at what comes out of you when you're eating nothing.  Ha ha.
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1 Response Jun 29, 2007

I fasted for a month after giving birth but then got pregnant again. The feeling was amazing at the time. Your whole self-esteem grows.<br />
I am considering going on a fast again but I need motivation.........a goal.......<br />
Looking forward to hear positive stories. Thank you.