I Am A Fatherless Son

I was 8 years old when my dad had left me in 2003 now i am 17 , i will start from the Beginning, it was me my sister and my mom, and we had already been in the town that my dad had lived in at the time, so we call my dad to c if we could come over and spend the night and he said yea but he wasn't there, so my step sister let us in the house , the next morning his ex wife had open the door and woke us all up and yelling telling us 'You all better get out of this house' so we all went outside and i will never forget what my dad said to me

Dad: you are not my son, and i want a DNA test.
with tears in my eyes, i said I Can not believe you said that dad.
he called the police and said he wanted to file an restraining order on us, so we had all left, all the way home, i couldn't think about anything else but what my dad had told me, that night i could not sleep for nothing.

3 years later, i go to my grandparents on his side, and they had said they didn't know me, and we had called my dad, and he had told me ' i don't want anything to do with you' and that even hurt worse, i didn't mention but i have 3 brothers i haven't gotten to see since then, for 9 years i have been looking for my dad, and he is nowhere to b found, he has lied to me time after time but there has been time i have wanting to give up but i haven't given up I'm still trying to get in contact and find him to this day i had turned 17 on July 23rd and it hurt for him not being there.

Thank you For Reading And God Bless,
CalebDicks CalebDicks
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I suppose you are 20 years old. How are you? I'm totally moved with your story.

HI Caleb. Just wondering how you are doing. ??

im sorry that happened to you. Very Very hurtful man.

im sorry to hear about that

i haven't seen my father since birth. And i dont have any idea what my father actually looks like. :(

i feel you

Yea :(