I Faught With Someone Who Died

I was 16 years old. I was standing at the bus stop, waiting for the bus to school. As I walked in, a girl named Emmy tripped me in the bus aisle. I almost fell but I didn't know what that was. But when I took a seat I saw Emmy and her friend giggle. Right away I knew it was them. Emmy then turned and looked at me but I gave her an evil look. Later at school, I went to the washroom. As I stood in front of the mirror fixing my hair I saw the door slowly opening and a girl looked inside but then closed it right away. She thought I didn't see her, but I saw her through the mirror reflection. It was one of Emmy's friends. So I knew that as soon as I would walk out they will be waiting for me. But I wasn't scared of them so I opened the door and Emmy pushed me pretending it was an accident. Then she walked into the bathroom with her friends. I followed her and asked her what the hell her problem was. We started to swear at each other and then it turned into a physical fight. She pushed me against the wall then I pushed her against one of the toilet cabins and it opened causing her to almost fall into the toilet. She hit my face but it didn't hurt a bit. Then I just left. The rest of the week Emmy and her friends were always saying things to me as I would walk by them. It was so annoying. Then one day I saw Emmy walking in the hallway all alone, surprisingly she didn't say anything to me, then I realized that she only feels strong with her friedns around. I followed her into the bathroom and I went like "why don't you say anything" she said "cuz I have nothing to say" then I said "because your friends are not here?" then I left, I heard her ran out of the bathroom coming my way and she attaked me from behind. We started a huge physical fight in the school hallway. The hall was empty since all the students were in classes except a few who walked by pretending they haven't seen anything.  A teacher saw us and yelled "both of you, to the office!!" We had a long talk with the principal but he knew that this fight wasn't my fault since Emmy has always been the trouble maker in school and I am a good girl. I got sent home for my own protection but Emmy got expelled from school. I was so happy about the fact that she won't come back to school anymore and I no longer have to deal with her. Her friends have left me alone too.

A months later, It was the last school day before Christmas break. My friend came up to me and asked if I heard about Emmy. I was like "no what about her?" she then told me that Emmy killed herself yesterday. I thought it was a joke or just a rumor but after the teacher said it was true I ran to the washroom and cried. Emmy killed herself because she was not happy with her life, and I fought with her causing her to get kicked out of school, even tho the all the fights were her fault I still felt so guilty. I wish I could say sorry to Emmy.

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1 Response Jan 24, 2007

Thanks for sharing this. Its not your fault. Sometimes its very hard to see through a person and know they are only bad because they are hurting. Especially in school, especially when it is someone hurting you. But we can learn from our mistakes.<br />
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I looked up stories about this topic because tonight someone died who I didnt like. It wasn't suicide, but its still very hard because I have guilt weighing on me. I wanted to hate him instead of forgiving him for his flaws. And now he's dead and its too late to take back the times I was unkind to him. I wish I could say sorry to this person. I wish I could have some peace in my heart.<br />
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These are reminders to us to be forgiving and gentle toward people even when its hard. You write well and you're a good story-teller. Thanks for sharing. I feel less alone now. I have no one to talk to right now because I feel so ashamed.