Learn The Reasons First And Be You Own Therapist

When people or animals or any other being is feeling scared or in any other way fragile , it is very important not to be aggressive or otherwise harsh. It is always important to not be aggressive, but particularly in that case. ...because it compounds the delusive energy already arising and feels to the one experiencing fear like they are being backed into a corner and their life is in danger. Of course, their life is probably not being threatened..but the fear state will make it appear like that. The most important approach is gentleness, quietness and a presence that is loving and unafraid.

Lecturing, arguing and coldness will never help dispel fear in any being.
When others are scared, (or even oneself ) , only extending a compassionate love, love that helps to reveal and support a calm where insight flowers, will passify the fears and help bring the possibility of stability.

when there is attained some calm, then one or whoever was under the sway of fear , can look into into it..and gradually develop resources of wisdom and compassion that make the arising of fear less and lees likely.. but in the immediate face of fear- an abiding strong presence of gentleness and love is such a blessing and pacification.
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18-21, M
Dec 9, 2012