I Fear Aging More Than I Fear Death

The thought of aging scares me more than the act of dieing itself.

Some people fear the pain, the unknown involved in dieing, I fear aging something I know is going to happen and is happening everyday that passes.

It could be part vainity that my beauty will fade. The fact that my body will slowly deteriorate getting wrinklely, having age spots, and begin to shrink due to the years of gravity weighing down upon me but its also the mind the fact that my memory will become worse that I may lose my creativity and my ability to function fully.

These things scare me more than death itself.

kaylacareless kaylacareless
18-21, F
2 Responses Jun 11, 2007

I heard about someone actually suiciding because of her fear of aging. I think you need psychological help if you would rather die than age? Sure, I just hit 30 last month, but I always fear death because my son and my fiance will suffer without me. We CANNOT compare with women in their 20s in looks. Just be graceful because you had your chance. No matter how young you think you look now, the fact is age shows regardless. I still get carded for beers and wines from time to time, but I know it's because I look close to 27, or they wouldn't card me. A woman can look five years younger or older, give or take. Even celebrities can't buy beauty. Even after the surgeries, they still look their age! Anyway, welcome to the club of fearing in vanity and of loosing your good looks. Just worry about your family and success. My biggest concern now is my career and success. F my looks. They don't pay my bills!

oh this has ever crossed my mind a few years back as i'm in mid 30's now...but i look 10 years younger and some people even thought i'm a fresh grad when they first met me...I'm quite vain about my looks and i do take a lot of care to look young...but i know i will still age in time to come....so let's age beautifully and gracefully...there's nothing to fear...i believe you have seen some very beautiful old people before right? i think staying healthy is more important than anything... :)