Does Anyone Believe In Aliens?

I've been thinking alot about aliens lately and after watching some what i think real videos on youtube of actual aliens caught on tape, ive kind of been on edge and a little repellant to leave the house at night. i had a nightmare that aliens was in my back garden trying to get in to abduct me n dont know why but they had a red laser that burnt even tho it didnt actually touch me, it was only close but could feel the heat and if it touched me itd have sliced me open. then the nxt night i went to the shop and saw a flashing light high in the sky not moving and was so scared an alien was gnna just grab my hand from behind a wall and we vanish. ive been on my toes lately. ive always believed in aliens but ive never been scared of them like i am now. ive been questioning whether my dream was an actual abduction or just a dream lol
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YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am a first handed, experienced abductee. I have been harvested multiple times by these intergalactic beings.

You should not be so afraid, historically speaking those who have had contact with "the gods" have turned out to be visionaries and scientific leaders.
I personally believe that we have been, and continue to be visited by alien beings, although I am skeptical about them being benevolent. I think that they have their own agenda and that it might not be in our best interest.
In response to Melodie 13 the planet was not found by Hubble but by Keppler a telescope that was sent up with the specific task of being able to sense the minute changes in light from a distant star when a celestial object passes in front of it.
The planet that was found is about 600 LY away but is in the "goldilocks zone" .
All of the historic data that is being presented from ancient times seems to point in the direction of Orions's Belt. I wonder why the powers that be don't seem to be concentrating their focus in that direction.?

There's not enough evidence from your story that should convince you of aliens or possible alien abduction. Don't believe everything you see on You Tube. Videos can be manipulated, just like they do in Hollywood. As for the light in the sky,maybe you did see a UFO. However, why would that make you feel that you may be abducted. Why you in particular? Why not one of the other 5 billion people in the world?
All you had was a nightmare. Why would that make you suspicious of a potential abduction?
Put a question out on EP asking for a dream interpretation. Dreams reflect feelings and experiences that you have had in the past. Then again, it could be the meat loaf you had last night:)