I Had A Cecarean With No Pain Relief

My cecarean was a planed sceduled cecarean.

I was admitted into the hospital as I was going to have a cecarean.
I already had one child born with cecarean,so I was aware of what was going to happen this time with my second child.
I was given an epidural - an injection into the lower spine which feeds in anaesthetic through a tube.
This is supposed to paralize me from my waist and down,and should not feel any pain.
What happens next is a nightmare,I could feel everything,the surgions knife cutting me open,I thought I was going to die.
as I couldn't move my body,the surgion just kept on cutting,no reactions whatsoever,when the pain was way to much and I was slipping away,I then was put into general anasthetic.The experience was horrible,and a life struggle.
After I woke up,I was in total shock of the event,I didn't say a word,no one else spoke,no one said nothing of what happend.
So yes being anesthetized in some parts of a bodie and being awake where the anastetic fails can also happen.
And  if anyone else out there has simular experiences I would love to get in contact,and if anyone else has some information to share with me.that might relate to my storie.so please contact me...
I hope that I some day recover from this nightmare.


litago litago
Jul 20, 2011