Anesthetic Awareness #2

I have experienced Anesthetic Awareness..twice. Once when I was 3, getting my tonsils taken out and having operations on my ears and septum at the same time, I don't remember feeling anything except toward the end of the operation. I mostly just heard the doctors talking and I was terrified that I could not move or speak. My heart rate sky rocketed and that's when they knew what was going on, and gave me a larger dose of anesthesia.

However, this year, just after my 16th birtday, I was having surgery to correct some breathing problems I was having. Being very small, the doctors decided it was best I received the anesthesia through an IV to ensure that the dose wasn't light enough for me to actually experience what I did. I went under, but I never knew it. I heard everything and felt everything. Unlike those performing on me for my surgery when I was 3, these doctors had no idea that this was happening. I felt the surgeon cut through me and work to repair the problem. The pain was so excruciating that I  was falling in and out of consciousness. It was terrifying. After it was all over, I didn't remember a thing until a few hours later. When I asked about it, they decided to test me by showing me "partial-words" and asking me to say whatever sounded familiar (any terms I may have heard the doctors talk about.) They asked me to describe any pain I had felt,and the only thing I could remember was any time I felt a knife/blade cut me in any way. They verified that I did, indeed, experience anesthetic awareness.

Scaarrryyyy stuff man. I'm so scared to go under the knife now. It's so weird looking back at it

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How freakin scary... geez. :(

I know what u mean I had an incident with Crap problems and got 3 tubes in my body i was so scared of the anaesthetic but its nothing now. I would use it for more sleep if i could.