i want to the doctor because i got sick . they checked my weight i was 130 . and the doctor tells me to lose 10 pounds because im 5'1 and i was 14 when he told me this and he tells me that my weight should be 105 .. and i tell my girlfriend and my mom  and they  say that the doctors crazy but i didnt believe them . i stopped eating then i was 120 .  then i started eating again and went to 125 . now i stopped again and now im 115 . people notice that i got skinner but they think im on a diet and that im eating and working out but im not . and my family members tell me how good i look and beautiful and before they never said that to me . . it felt good i liked the feeling of someone saying that to me ..  

itsjusthard itsjusthard
13-15, F
Feb 20, 2010