Been through 4 break-ups (plus this one which happened today), the other three were fine, but this one got me devastated.

Me and her (ex) were like literally bestfriends when we werent in a relationship, we talked about anything, theres nothing we do not talk about.

Then we got into this relationship. She started to change, she became aggressive, and jealous, even made me delete all my female contacts and etc. and I did delete some of them who i dont really contact that much.

Then i started to lose interests in this relationship, i stopped putting in more efforts, don't feel excited of having sex with her no more..etc. So I broke up with her, and she got sad and angry.

The point which i want to make is, i hate breakups, i tried to avoid this relationship because i KNOW i KNEW i might lose this amazing person in my life once we get together as couples..

I never wanted to lose her in my life because we both know so much about each other except our families.

I wish things would go well and...maybe one day we'll talk again, like good friends.
Jamesthellama Jamesthellama
22-25, M
Mar 3, 2016