One In Particular

It was my first attendance of a Catholic funeral

The priest was a very typical Irish small village priest, had a habitual red face and then he started to talk.  For the first five minutes I thought he was speaking Latin and this was a traditional mass, then I looked round at P and his mum and they were surpressing laughter and his mum was hitting him in the ribs and then flashing dirty looks to him as he was making her laugh, I was sitting beside P's dad and he is a strict schoolteacher, so that was double pressure not to laugh. 

The Priests voice got higher in tone and then it started P nieces and nephews (the grandchildren of the deceased) started looking around and pulling faces.


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2 Responses Apr 21, 2009

lol!<br />
I think I would want my funeral to be a party.<br />
I would want them to celebrate my hopefully long life, and rejoice in that I will hopefully soon be in heaven.

"Another one bites the dust..."