Why Am I the First to Say This?

I am so afraid of death. . . I have recently become overwhelmingly fearfull of death. Of death alone, but also a fobia of open water to include olimpic sized pools, lakes, and the ocean. I fear flying more than ever and recently began to hyperventilate after rough turbulance over denver. A flight attended had to hold my hand next to me in hopes not to scare the other passengers. I tried to breathe as the tears ran down my face and at the time my 5 year old son had awoken from a nap and asked why i was crying and i just told him i was feeling sick. I also panic in the darkness and if the lights went out i would fall to peices. I fear national disaster and tell myself that if i knew my family and myself would die i would just end it all before the disaster would, what ever it would be.
I also know that i have many gifts of intuition and a touch w/ the universe but one of my gifts does not include the vision of the dead. That would be because if i were to see any thing of that nature i would be paralized by profound fear. I couldn't handle an experience of that kind.

I hope to hear others that share this problem as well.. I think we all have this nature in us.

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I have recently begun fearing death myself. My brother in law died in a car accident recently. THe cops came to me and my wife's house to break the news. I fear everyday that my son, my mother, people I love will suddenly be taken away from me. I don't know how to deal with it.

I fear the pain of death, but not death its self. I can give you the closests thing to death and what it feels like, but I cannot give you what it's like to crossover into the afterlife because I never have. When I go to sleep sometimes, I sleep so deeply, so soundly, I forget that I've existed, everything I knew, everything, I don't even know I'm alive or breathing or even asleep. When you wake up from this state of sleep, this coma if you will...<br />
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You nearly want to scream from the pain of the feeling of being woken up from a dead-sleep-state and within about three minutes, your mind reboots and tells you exactly what you forgot.<br />
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That is the closest thing to my persception that is death except in death, you just might have information and are more concious and self-aware like you are right now and in death, you do not wake up again. <br />
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I know this, during your death, a chemical in your brain activates and you suddenly don't care anyore and there is no more pain, then you drift off and where you go, is unknown to us at this time.<br />
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It is not logical to me to fear death....because it is inevitible and -nothing- can stop it. It is the exact opposite to life, the yin of yang, the cold to heat, the end to internity. The absence of life is....death.<br />
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Good luck on fighting your fear. I hope you find peace.

You may be suffering from what's called Generalised Anxiety Disorder. You should talk to your doctor about this. And don't accept a pat on the back and some things to calm your nerves. If you get offered that, get a better doctor :P

I completely can feel your pain on this ... ive always had a fear of death .. in anything i did .. over time it got better ... paranoia is a symptom of mental illness and they have meds that will help you cope .. and self help books actually theres a website called coping. org that has an exercise on irrational beliefs we need to refr<x>ame your thought process to make these beliefs go away