Conspiracy Theory

There are a lot of young people joining the military now because of the lack of jobs in the private sector.  The thought occurred to me the other day that this is actually helping the active duty troops since the congress won't entertain the idea of reinstating the draft which has been talked about a lot on the down low these past few years.  It almost seems like a conspiracy but for the fact that I do not believe 'they' can manipulate the system that well.

I do fear for those entering service now though because of the instability in the world.  Everywhere you look there is strife, famine, and insecurity.  This current economic crisis is rippling throughout all the countries of our planet.  The world as we know it is changing rapidly and the crystal ball isn't giving up any secrets.  I can only hope that we do the best we know how to protect our citizens deployed around the globe and they are able to come home safely.


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1 Response Mar 24, 2009

A distinction should be made between the miliyary's present activity and the actual reason for any country to even HAVE a miltary of some sort- and I too am apprehensive about today's recruits.<br />
I place the fault at the feet of the govt.'s PR and advertising to entice kids to join; be truthful about it, don't dangle 50 year-old carrots in front of their faces.<br />
The military has long been the last vestige of the 'economically challenged' across our country- my own family suggested I do that to 'get something back from the govt.'- which shows the disparity between the thinking of two different generations. They were one generation removed from slavery; I was born (at least) 50 years later.<br />
Don't damn the boys and girls who answer the call- damn the bureaucrats who eff it up.