So Do They, But We Continue to Buy Stuff.

They are always talking about how we need to watch our money, but the next second they want a new television set and another laptop. We need a new dishwasher, but they are talking about new computer software, and another car. I suppose if we never traveled, we would be okay money-wise, and to tell the truth, I'd rather penny-pinch than never travel. We are always traveling, going on road trips. One day they promise they will take us to Europe. They went everywhere before my sister and I were born, and they say we will go back some day, when we have the money. I have been to Canada five times, and 48 states. I have been across the country and back more than twice, and have discovered that I love New Mexico just as much as I love Maine. I worry about our financial state, but at the same time, we don't have a TV that is any bigger than a small box, or any newer than fourteen years old. And I never ever want to stop traveling. My dad is hoping to get a full-time job teaching this fall, and my mom wants to publish a book with the help of her sister. So for now I shall be content not eating out at restaurants, and sleeping on my matress on the floor.
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It sounds as though they are searching for something?

I have a friend that her dad it always telling her that she is financially getting in over her head. but he turns around and morgages his house to buy and pay for other things he wants. This is his 3rd mortgage and he now paying about 100 grand for a house he bought for 40 grand. He took out a 20 grand loan to fix up the house and spent only 5 grand on the house. Who nows where the rest of the money went!