Why Worry?

as the new kid on the block and a bully to boot why worry about the future of the U S of A?
unclenorman unclenorman
4 Responses Dec 3, 2010

What goes on in america goes on everywhere lol its no different from any other place , a revolution is coming and not one man on this planet or woman for that matter can do anything to stop it , man is fed up and soon we will all realise the flaws of the system and lets face it , its currency , what amazes me is how most people can stand by and let it happen , i dont plan to , and the simple things is , all you need to do is smile , no matter what u experience good/bad , just smile

Do you evem realize the misinformation you are getting through your news U S A? It is one of the most powerful Navy and Army in the world. get over it. So, far they have been quite nice. Considering the b.s. that is going on in many parts of the world.

look to the past and nature for the answers not our fake democracies and financial colonialism. good luck

Because all of us who believe in democracy, rule of law, free speech, a free and independent press, need a champion. Yes America is flawed, but she is our best hope. I do not as an Englishman put any faith in Europe, but i do in America. I think your declaration of independence and bill of rights etc are beautifully crafted documents that need to be lived upto. We just have the human rights act. So consider yourself lucky(i assume your American). I could go on but i would just get very bitter about what is happening to my country.