Been There Words Of Encouragement

I have been in several abusive relationships. So I do have an understanding. Especially when you are trying to get out of it. Or even why you get back into another one. Woman. We cannot just settle for anyone or anything. We are precious. We need to have higher standards of our choices and not settle. Let's start working on our selves. Whether it is healing from past relationships or things we have done or been through. Self examination. Not to be so quick to jump into another realtionship. Lets get ourselves together. Please believe me I know some of us don't like to be alone. But that is what it is going to take to get ourselves together so we can make better decisions so our lives don't get infected anymore. Instead of jumping right in let us take our time on getting to know that person and visiting with some of his family to get there dna. Meaning how the rest of there family acts and attitudes and etc. If you are in a violent relationship get out. Stop second guessing yourself. I know. It is like having a devil one side of your shoulder and dthen the angel on the other. Fighting. It will get worse. But sometimes it can get better. But you have to pray about it. Love yourself. Love is not supposed to hurt or bruises. Think.
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Thank you very much of everyone who has commented and will. It has been sometime before I have healed. I am now. I thank God and my husband now who is great.

Wow what an inspiring story i hate guys who hurt women in anyway women want what everyone wants to be loved they deserve to be treated with respect i dont hit women ever it is not ok to ever hurt a woman in anyway i hurt guys who hurt women i beat guys for hurting women my father would kill me for hiting a woman and my grandma would kick my *** for it so i have all the respect for women always

It is and you know. I have forgiven and I don't think about it anymore. Now I will tell someone if it will help them to make it through that situation. I just want to be a blessing to others. I hope the men that did that to me have healed themselves and have gotten some type of help.<br />
happy holidays and much love.

You are very right because when someone is going through that. You don't know what do. In my case I did not have anyone to help me. Only God but I did not know that at the time.