I Used to Be a Victim

I was in a relationship with a man who I believed to be my soul mate. No matter what tore us apart we always ended up back together. The last time we were together he had developed a bad crack habit and I stood by him while he went to rehab and tried to kick the habit. He stayed clean for a while and worked and it seemed like all was okay. Then things started to change, his moods, mannerisms, etc.  One night I came home from work and he attacked me for my money. He ripped my clothes and choked me and I thought I was going to die. Some how I made it to the door with his hands still around my throat and there stood the neighbors. He jumped out the window to the fire escape and left. A few days later he was in Virginia and he called me, I talked him back with promises of leaving with him. At the bus station I had under cover police waiting for him . When he got off the bus they took him away and charged him and sent him to prison for 2 years. He said he wished he had killed me when he had the chance. He still lives in my area since his release.

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10 Responses Apr 30, 2008

That's awesome that you did that. Do you have a new someone to help protect you as well as tasers/pepper spray and the like? It seems like that would be the best option instead of moving. Seems if he ever tries anything again you'll be more than ready to kick his tush a second time I hope. : 3

Way to go you are so strong to not have fear of him like they said in ghost rider you cant live in fear fear is no way to live life i dont live in fear i fully support you you are such a strong woman i am so proud of you girl keep living life to its fullest dont let anything stop you or stand in youre way and dont ever let anyone tell you that you cant do something if you have a dream go for it do everything you have to do to make it come true i wish you the best in everything you do good luck

He is the sick one and always wll be, I have gotten well.

You are very courageou,

Thank you, that means a lot to me...

Love your strenght cin. good for you.

Why live in fear of something that may never happen??

Power to the uprisen!

I live my life, I will not live in fear of him.

Wow...that is scary! How do you keep from being afraid to leave your house? What do you do to keep safe?