Worked In This Area Overseas

   I have some experience resolving such issues overseas.  By resolving the issue I mean getting the person and her family to safety.   I think it's very difficult to resolve the issue since the men tend to be very violent, irrational, and some cases suffering from mental disease/illness.  The mental disease/illness angle doesn't really matter though since it is the women and the children that suffer the worst.  See my other posts I also have experience helping women overseas avoid and deal with stalkers, cyber stalkers, date rapists, simple rapists, and sex traffickers.   Sometimes stalkers are violent, irrational, and suffer from mental disease/illness as well.  I want to do such work in the US and perhaps work with some sort of international organization or domestic (US) based org that works to prevent such behavior and most importantly sees to the womens' safety.

    I will start law school next fall.   Write now I'm studying topics in some paralegal and criminal justice courses.   I would appreciate any advice as to how I should proceed.   I would also appreciate any leads on any organizations anywhere in the United States or Canada that does such work.


McAvoy McAvoy
22-25, M
Mar 26, 2009