Don't Understand

I don't understand or even begin to understand why a man would hit a woman he is in a relationship with.  Espically when it is hard to get a date or into a relationship to begin with! It is like they don't apperciate and realize how special the person they are with really is. It gets me so upset and sad at the same time to see a girl go through that.  Well, anyway that is my view. What is yours?

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2 Responses Oct 5, 2009

Domestic violence is a huge problem i hate seeing people hurt each other people should love each other not beat each other up but it dosent what happened to a guy in his past that dose not give him the right to beat his wife or girl friend up ever i dont care what he has been through in his past he dosent have to beat his girl up to make him self feel better

I agree domestic violence is horrendous! Generally men who abuse their partners have psychological issues (linked to their past), they do it to feel like they're in control by manipulating someone they know won't/can’t defend themselves and it makes them feel powerful.<br />
There are also quite a few men who are in relationships where they’re being abused by their wives/girlfriends, either way domestic violence should be stopped! I know it’s easy to say “get out as soon as possible”, the people being victimised are made to feel trapped and believe it’s their fault. <br />