It's Horrifying.

 Today I went to a seminar for one of my classes on abusive relationships. I really made me feel uneasy about a lot of things. It took me back to a relationship I had dug really deep down in my past. 

When Louie and I dated everything was amazing. He was the guy I had always dreamed of, he was sweet, fun, and crazy about me. We had a really amazing relationship. Then things got sour, his sister started poisoning his mind with all these lies about me.

Things got progressively worse. He started becoming more and more possessive. His "cute jealousy" soon turned controlling. I couldn't hang out with any guy except him, and he had to see me everyday. The only friend I could hang out with was my girl best friend, which he later even then tried to get me to turn against.

He accused me of cheating, when in reality even IF I wanted to I couldn't because he was always with me. He started calling me  names and using things against me just to hurt me. We broke up countless times, and he would cry back to me begging he would change.

I got drunk once and he got mad I was drunk so he grabbed me by the neck and shook me. He used to hit me on the leg when I said something he didn't like. I got depressed. I felt I couldn't get out. If I ended it he would threaten to kill himself.

He finally beat me one night and I was out.

I fear for any woman in this situation. The break up is the hardest part when leaving an abuser. Not because it's hard to get away from them, but because they go crazy. He stalked me and would watch me sleep. We found a crowbar next to my window once.

If you are going through this I am very sorry. Know you can contact me. I hope you take care of yourself. 

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2 Responses Oct 16, 2009

Hay girl thank you for telling you're story it has truly inspired me to treat women the best that they can be treated i hate guys who beat women it makes me sick i will never hurt a woman in anyway i want to be trusted by them not hated you are such a strong woman to tell you're story i hope you continue you're encouragement its because of women like you that we can get more women to come fourth and tell their storys you are truly a powerfull woman i wish you nothing but the best ok.

Thank you mama! *hugs* It really is hard. It's even harder when my mother yelled at me and blamed me for even dating him in the first place. It was very rough.