I myself was once involved in a violent relationship. It was my very first serious relationship and I thought it was natural I say my father beat my mother. I thought that's what people in love do. When I was beat in in front of my one year old child I realized I didn't what her to see what I saw happening to my mother happening to me and for her to think it was natural and okay. I loved him and still loves him I didn't want to leave him I felt that he loved me and he was beating me out of love. Being a battered woman is scary because you never know which blow will be the blow that kills you.
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I am also in a violent relationship. My husband beat me up in front of my child recently. His parents were in a violent relationship and I know his mum was beaten up so many times that she does not fear if she dies soon and she's only 45???? I don't know if i love my husband anymore...we've been together for so long now and I can honestly say that I don't love him the way I used to in the early years of our relationship! It's not the first time he's hit me, i know you'll be sick of hearing this, but stupid as I am believe his promises that he'd never touch me again. It's very hard!! I don't have a friend that I can trust completely and can confide on and talk about things like this. I am too embarrassed to talk to family or even my sister because they all think my husband is this kind loving man. It's confusing to me when someone who can seem so kind and loving be so violent when they go into a rage!!!! I've dated him for years and never once got into a physical fight until recently. :( I love my kids but I don't know if i love my husband anymore. And honestly, I don't know if I can leave.

Nice writing. Thanks for shariing..............

Violence has nothing to do with love. Violence is hate. Hate of oneself. Hate of someone who hurt them. It is never ever about love.

I to fear guys that are larger once you have been beaten you begin to fear any type of violence I always look into a guys eyes to see if I can see the glare in his eyes that most men get when they are in the mist of rage