I Hope That Was the Worst of It

I remember my boyfriend telling me at one point that he would never do anything to physically hurt me.

During one of our more recent arguments, he went and pulled my arms and legs to drag me out of the room. He pulled so hard it left bruises and hand/finger marks all over my arm and leg.

He apologized the following day, but sometimes I can't help but wonder. I can't imagine what it must be like to actually be struck by a man, and I get really upset thinking that there are women who deal with that kind of violence everyday. It makes me so afraid.
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4 Responses Nov 23, 2007

Thats how it started with my husband. He'd just pushed me or hold me down. It ended with him beating me and leaving me abandoned at a gas station at 2am.

I would be afraid too.

Pushing, pulling, shoving are all preludes to greater violence. Love never acts like that. Love does NOT leave bruises on the body. Love does NOT scare, humiliate, or devalue. Those are all actions of hate. Be careful. Letting someone abuse you, even once, is like giving them the go ahead to do it again. No type of abuse, verbal, physical, mental or emotional belong in any loving relationship. Abuse wilts love and turns it to hate and loathing. Get counselling if you can. Why would someone who loves you treat you like that? Think about it. Sorry if I seem bossy but I spent 10 years in a very abusive relationship and it only gets worse. I just wish I could have those 10 years back, doing something fun and good and creative. I'm past it now, but it took 20 years to heal and trust again. Please don't waste your life like that. Hugs

hello, Iv just come out off a violent relationship about 2 weeks ago, We was together and it was my 1st ever seriouse relationship. The violence started by him dragging me by my arms and leaving bruises, And each time he said sorry and i forgave him, Sorry isnt good enough lv, Only now i can realize that now that i am out of the relationship. Any man who even makes a girl upset is not good enough. If i was you i wouldnt even confront him about it bcoz he will only say it was an accident and when/If you beleive that its 1 score to him thats how they see it. <br />
Hope everything os ok hun.<br />