It's one of my biggest phobias. First off, I'm not a big fan of pain, in any form. So such a physically painful experience would wreck me. An epidural could fix that, sure. But I'm also really uncomfortable with needles and any kind of anesthetic.

Aside from the actual birth, I really think it would just feel strange to look at a living being and think "That used to live inside my body."

Maybe it's strange. But I never want to have a baby living inside me, and I never want to give birth.
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ı had the same fear and ı stıll do, ı want a second chıld but s**tıng ıt, just try and not thınk about where ıts comıng out from-dont look at any photos of woman gıvıng bırth or ıt wıll put you off totally..The paın ıs not that bad ıts not that unbearable otherwıse woman wıll stop after 1 baby. ı wanted another baby straıght after my fırst that was before the stıtches, now thats bad so you conceratrate on your breathıng!! <br />
You dont remember much and ıt dont last that long,well, you dont realıse tıme. But as Feflower saıd: Its all worth ıt!

But the pain is worth it when u see your beautiful child thres nothing more beautiful, so the pains worth it chik believe me!!