yOU KNOW giving birth is described as beautifull aswell as painfull.  i just fear that pain. WHAT IF I DIE? or What if i kill my own baby because of something that is wrong with me. or What if my body is too weak to give birth. Honestly i do dream of having kids and its almost every womens dream, to have a living being developing inside and getting that affection even before giving birth to it. I just hope my fears to move out of my mind and heart. Because i do want kids lol
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Don't have any children until you are 100% ready. There are a lot of resources out there. Nothing in life is guaranteed. Prepare yourself in all aspects, physically. mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. Don't drink , don't do drugs and don't smoke. Put enough money away to help you through"babies are very expensive". Talk to your family, you will often need a sitter . What do you expect of them n your absence. Read books on childhood diseases, immunizations, etc. Do you want your baby born in a hospital, at home? Your doctor wil help take care of you. good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you won't die. not in this day and age. everything will be fine.