This is one of my greatest fear. I just enter a maternity ward and I start getting cold sweat. I want kids but the thought of going through all of that pain freaks me out "shivers".

I think i'll try waterbirth when or if my time comes, it's supposed to provide pain relief and promote relaxation.

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With my first baby I had demerol and an epidural. I had her naturally and after 2 1/2 hours of pushing and forceps assisted, she was born. For my son, I had him at home in water with no pain relief. It was the most painful thing I ever went through, but NOTHING compared to having my daughter before the pain relief because she was crooked LOL. <br />
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Birth with NO pain relief is different for all with some people feeling ONLY discomfort to others feeling like it's the end of the world. The GREAT thing about going completely natural with no relief is that when you are in that much pain, ALL your thoughts and ALL your passion and ALL your "umpf" is directed at the one thing at hand, ENDING the pain and having the baby. For me labour was 5 days OVER due. I woke up at 3 am every night for a week before he was born and at 2:30 am the day I did go into labour I started to have the cramping and pain that I had with my daughter off and on all day. By this point and time I wanted him out because I'd been having braxton-hicks since my father died 3 weeks prior. At 9:30 PM my son literally kick started labour. Two hours and 18 minutes later he was born in water. Labour without pain relief is very focused and all I could do was focus on pushing when my contractions came, even if the midwives were telling me they needed to get the heart rate on the monitor LOL. (I kept having contractions when they touched my belly.) When I started pushing I started to feel a huge burning feeling and after about 3 pushes like this, he was out. It was one of the most incridible experiences of my life and DEFINETLY worth it. I am planning a third child next year and hopefully another home birth with no pain relief!

Water birth is supposed to be good for the baby as well- it lets them adjust to the light and cooler temperatures at a more comfortable rate. And since babies don't breathe until they're in open air, there's not very much danger involved.<br />
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But I don't think birth is something to be feared- I think Hollywood has made it worse than it is. There are a lot of things you can do to condition yourself for a fast and easy childbirth- just being in good shape can make it so much easier. I definitely plan on working out a lot when I start trying to get pregnant.

Water birth??? are you serious? I didnt know. wow but i know what you mean