No Way!

Giving birth?! Passing THAT through my WHAT?! No. No no no.

I don't even particularly like kids, making my decision to not have children an easy one. However, the biggest factor is my total fear of giving birth. Maybe it's not even just giving birth, but the whole entire idea of being pregnant, carrying a baby for 9 months... shooting it out and THEN having to care for it?! No. No way.

Some women get irate with me. "It's the most natural thing in the world!" or the "You'll change your mind some day." I hate it. Gross. Ick. NEVER.

Does anyone else get these comments from people?

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I am a firm believer that you do what is right for you and nobody has a right to judge it! Hope you knew that I was being supportive and a little tongue-in-cheek about the people that can't believe you don't want to have a child! Good Luck with your causes! : )

Yeah, well.. just because I could have an epideral to avoid the pain doesn't mean there's not a baby RIPPING it's way outta my vagina. And then you could argue CSection, sure. But I hate surgery. And then you could argue surrogate mothers, but I hate other people... <br />
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Argue what you will. I don't care. I don't want children. Civilization has destroyed this planet enough and is not sustainable and will be wrecked. I don't want to bring another body into that. California's natural water base will be exhausted in 20 years if they don't start doing something different. Just by drinkable water sources being exhausted alone, I find it selfish to have a child. My belief. Not forcing it on others. <br />
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So, aside from the horrible physical aspects, not to mention the fact that I don't like kids anyway, just for a child's sake... being brought into this take take take society? No. No thanks. I'll leave it up to the breeders...

First, not everybody has to want to have kids - I wish more people would be self-aware enough to know whether they should have children or not (so ignore the envious people - envious because they are probably wishing some days that they were YOU - coming from personal experience - LOL). 2nd - of all the things you mentioned - pain from childbirth (that's what epidurals are for - I was most scared of those - more than the childbirth - and then that was a piece of cake and felt miraculous - plus I guess God knew what he was doing - women seem to forget the level of pain - I guess so women will have more children instead of thinking I don't ever want to do that again!); being pregnant - now that was awesome - first of all, not having to worry about whether my stomach was poking out in an outfit - woohoo! 2nd of all - it didn't feel creep weird but really cool - my 2nd (and I stopped there) was a gymnast or something, because one night my husband and I were sitting in front of the TV when all of sudden, my stomach popped out and rolled across my torso (I think it was her foot - hiya - karate kick - lol) - yeah it was a little Aliens-ish - but didn't hurt and my husband was like OMG did your stomach just...?<br />
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The thing you should fear most of all the things you listed - taking the baby home - that is scary, exhausting, nerve-wracking, stressful - everybody can say, oh, it is so wonderful - I love my baby! And act like everything is blissful - bs - I am all about honesty - I adored my baby girls and I remember lots of wonderful moments of snuggling and first smiles and giggles BUT I also remember hives on my legs from the stress, not sleeping at all, lots of crying and just being scared all the time - crib death, falling, dropping her, etc..... Being a parent - that is the toughest part of all of that! <br />
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and again - ignore the rude people - be who you are and be proud of it - those people won't be around if you get pregnant and go through childbirth and they certainly will not be around when you bring the baby home!