Today In Class I Watched a Video of An Entire Birth...

I was already terrified of the process of birth, I can't imagine pushing something that large out of somewhere so small. I already know that the cervix dialates to stretch that large, but god damn! So the video was about natural childbirth without the use of drugs, but only education and a support system. It was by far THE MOST traumatizing film I have ever seen, covering my face most of the time but watching every second of it. I was astounded because she remained so calm by telling herself to stay calm. If you ever get the chance to watch that, I don't recommend it. I felt pain down there myself!

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2 Responses Feb 20, 2009

Miracle of life is such a blessing, but the actual labor? Yes, that feels like a curse! I've had several children and it hurts like no other pain, but when its over and the drs lay that precious baby in your arms, its all worth it! And their are pain medications available. I was allergic so I had all but 1 of my kids natural. For the young girls out there, be smart, practice abstinace, but if you refuse, dont become young unwed mothers. Practice safe sex.

Bless, I don't need to watch it as I have experienced it. As well as a C-section. I can say however it only hurts for a short time and then you forget it all. x