Not Just of Giving Birth

I really am scared of not just giving birth but being a mother all together.  People say it is normal and if I was not scared they would worry.  But I am not use to showing my emotions.  Which I seem to show everyone right now.  It is like the post pardom deprestion but early....maybe pre. What if I am not ready?  I only have 6 weeks left to get ready.  But I think she will come earlier then they maybe less.  What if I am not ready?  What if I mess up?  Is there any mothers out therew who can give me some advice? I would really enjoy it.  And I could use it.

bellasmomma bellasmomma
18-21, F
2 Responses Mar 26, 2009

When I had my first child,I was just like you,I worried about everything.I read so many books from the time I went to the doctor to make sure what mo. my baby would be born.There is one million things that go through your heart and head.No 2 woman are the same.Every body wants to help you not to worry,this is what people do that love you.<br />
Once you go to your last visit befor the baby comes,everything will fall into place you have that God given instinct you will automaticly respond to having a baby.This experience will be the most rewarding and heart felt experience you will ever go through in life.There will be a love that will come forth and leap out of you when your child is handed to you! You will be the best mother in the world believe me.The mothers that do the most worring are the best mothers,<br />
I nursed all my children and that is another gift that means alot to the child.There is a bonding that only God could make possiable.<br />
I won't take up any more of your time,I wish you the best,please let me know how you are doing and when the baby comes!

I am here to tell you the first time you look into her eyes and hold her all of that "what if I am not ready" will go away!! I did that too and yes even after I got him home I was scared but then it just came to me and now he is 5 and my greatest joy in life!!!!! It will all work out..... Love her no matter what and take great pride in being a mother b/c nothing else matters!