Phobia Maybe Kinda

I get really weirded out when I get touched by someone and my flight or fight response screams for me to run from the situition or get rid of the offending person. Anyone think I've got a phobia? I also get really nervous/anxious when I might be touched, I don't think this is normal...
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18-21, M
1 Response May 17, 2012

Man the human animal we are huh? Ur overboard on this a bit & your making too much out of it..Stop focusing on it & know we all are beings w/spirits & this encasement were in will be what it is until we die! The spirit runs a persons life & 'win' we die it goes home,or stays your choice as free will allows. I wanted to say get da uck over it the second i saw this title,but it's so easy to say that so i will leave this message w/it. I too have problems w/ppl touching me,it's a weirdness my Mother pointed out. I back off when hugged,long story but something did it to us when small & we need to get over it. Not saying 'like'/'love'' it,just saying too much reading into a thing that's nothing @all. Just know that in the end when you do/will know everything & completely understand...that it wasn't't necessary everrr for any of us to be/do anything negative @all! Something inside us all KNOWS this and always did,use what u did when small & everything was Magic & H0nest & true! Go back to that place,inside or go w/out! We know better,ask anyone in prison/dead_ if they could turn back the hands of time_what would u do diff & was it all that..esp that one second thing that lost your freedom to walk outside in the free sun..K..fix it & 4get it! It's true! All we need to know is what we learned in kindergarten/1st quickly we forget! We are candles in the sun_ the littest of souls~;-`)

Uh.....alright. I had a bit of trouble deciphering this but it sounds like interesting advice, thanks.