Sex Pistols

I was only a 7th grader when I first heard Johnny Rotten sneer the words "No Future" and at the time, I didn't relate to it. I was still young with dreams of growing up to be a rock star and changing the world for the better. It wasn't until three or four years later that I really got it, though maybe not in the way they originally intended it to be.
I'm not going anywhere in my life. I only have two plans and both of them end up at a point where there is nothing beyond it. The difference is that the first relocates me and delays the inevitable for two more years. The second brings the end straight to my doorstep. If the first doesn't happen, then I'll move to the second.
But either way, there is nothing for me there. There never was and I was just to blind and young and naive to realize that the world never had a place for someone like me. But I don't hate myself. It's all of you that are the messed up ones. You're the ones who made it this way.
I've never had a future.
AttackedByMonsters AttackedByMonsters
18-21, F
Dec 16, 2012