Feeling Low, Need Help.

I've been dating this guy for over 7 months now, and i'm so afraid of losing him. It's sad because nowadays my happiness depends on him. Things aren't going so well at the time either, so i'm feeling real low. Right now i'm at work waiting for him to text me, it drives me crazy cuz he takes so long to answer me. We have this "bad" habbit of punish eachother with not answering at times - i know it's really lame. Now i don't know what to do, i don't want to lose him. That's not an option regardless how things are right now. It's just the problem that i only want to spend time with him, and now he is the only one that makes me happy. I know life should not be this way, and you can't depend you happiness on someone else, but this "mindgames" is really brining me down.
ellla92 ellla92
Nov 30, 2012