A Different Kind Of Love Story

I met him on a church retreat in March, in the middle of nowhere somewhere in Vermont. He smiled, I waved. Throughout the weekend we started a friendship. That was it. Then I ran into him again, end of April, another retreat, in a different state. Playful flirting, nothing much. We gravitated to each other throughout the day. It was comfortable. In one wonderful moment, he held my hand. Yet, like all wonderful moments, it ended. I didn't see him again until July. Then he asked me out. I was completely on edge. I didn't think we were right. One date couldn't hurt? Well, one date was all it took and I was putty in his hands. It was right out of a story book. Dinner at his house, then we watched the sunset on his porch, that overlooked a field. As he sang and played his guitar for me. Did I mention his father breeds rabbits? So an incredibly attractive, funny guy, sang to me, and played guitar, while rabbits roamed through a wildflower ridden field, as the sun set. I felt like I was in a sappy chick-flick. Since this first date, 4 months ago, I couldn't help myself, but to fall for him. Everything is so simple, so easy going. No problems. Watching a movie, can be just watching a movie. No pushing boundaries. Just enjoying each others company. Holding hands has never meant so much. He constantly used the phrase " I just want to respect you" and would never do anything to make me uncomfortable...ever. Every little thing he does means so much. Staying up until 11 pm to hang out is huge. He lives with no regrets and with strong morals. He's deeply aware of everyone around him. Through this short relationship, I'm seeing changes in myself. I'm becoming a better person, and I'm learning love in a different way, in a way I never thought existed. I've told him repeatedly how much he means to me. He tells me I'm gorgeous, and beautiful, a blessing, an answer to a prayer. When we're together, it's like time stops, and all is safe and well. Yet, every moment must end. I thank God every chance I get for every second I get to spend with him, because frankly, I'm not sure how much time is left. See.....last Christmas....he was diagnosed with stage 4 terminal brain cancer. Eventually, reality will happen, but until then, I plan to love him the very best I can, because that's all I can do.
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1 Response Dec 1, 2012

Thats a very beautiful experience; not towards what you both are facing but to have love like yours. Wish you both best of luck and good health even with such a reality.