We Are Limited By Our Thoughts

It is dictated that man is what he thinks he is.  If you think positive, if you think you can accomplish anything, your possibility of achieving things is endless.

In contrast with experience, we may fail a lot in life.  If you try something for the first time, more often than not, you will fail.  What do you do?  Move on or pull out?

I opted to push through and made a difference.  It's not easy, it required time and dealing with my weakness.  I took it one day at a time.  Until I reached my eventual goal.

It all begins in believing in oneself and believing that you don't have to fear anything.

Let's see what life will have to give in the future as we all push through and believe in ourselves.  Failure, achievements, and disappointments will always be there.  We must learn to accept them as a natural part of life.  If I constantly doubted my capabilities, I would have only wasted my time.

Is this similar to desperation?  I don't believe it is so, instead it is making a stand and making use of everything I have.

Reality is what is, not what may be or what was.  It's the moment, the present, and that's what makes the future.


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