Being Used

It was a summer evening when i was sitting at the Sea close to my hostel. Those days the office also was hectic. The tide and the sea without limit was a source to give the idea of Natures love to us human being. It was incidental during that time i was in touch with a person quite older to me and what i liked in him was his mental aptitude. So over a period we became very close that share all the daily chores. Until i could meet this person i was always of the opinion that self help is best help. After i met this person i felt there are people whom i could depend.  The proximity grew to a relationship and my expectation started growing, but this person would be good as long as i could be naughty, otherwise he expressed himself to be busy. Since i have strong values i did not disturb his family and sailed on, what i felt hurt was that relationship was based on one fundamental, whereas life is about a mix of various colours. It is only that i realised i have been used, will always advise not to go by the goodness of a person. This scar is something that touches my soul and question me , blames me for all that happened. I feel i am lost.

softyshe softyshe
Aug 17, 2009