I'm a loyal person and I am big on honesty. I seem to end up putting all the effort in a friendship (calling, texting, going to their place blah,blah) So, I wait to see if they will... NO! They will email me to say "call me"... What the hell?!!!! Why can't they ever pick up the phone!!!! & another thing please don't say you want to do something, when you don't and you end up breaking plans at the last min. Now I think something must be wrong with me and I have a fear of letting people in because they are lyers and fakes. I'm also ADD. & low maintains. Maybe I have problems because I don't want to call everyday and hang out every weekend.... I don't know AHHHH!!!!
TwistedVIXEN7 TwistedVIXEN7
26-30, F
May 17, 2012